My reflexology space is my home; A live-in multifaceted studio selected for its proximity to Royal Roads forest and the ocean. Reflexology, handmade jewellery, and digital content creation all happen here. We moved into this brand-new building in December of 2020 specifically for the location and the layout; Quiet top floor unit, 15 foot ceilings, huge sky views, forest outside the windows, flatscreen/sound system and stunning forest tapestry. I designed the space as an ecosystem to serve both our and your homeostasis (healing) needs. There is a growing consensus that being in the presence of trees both in life and through imagery, calms our nervous system and improves overall health. Learn more about my forest bathing project here. I also run a small Etsy shop that is available to be browsed in person.

For in-studio sessions, I am open to book word of mouth referrals only. I follow strict sanitization protocols along with no smoking, no dust and no pets (yes I love animals), due to my allergy sensitivities (asthmatic). I provide a comfortable Lafuma zero gravity chair, clean linens and have plenty of blankets and pillows on hand for your comfort. Masks will be worn by both practitioner and client during sessions and in some cases, gloves. Clients must wash their hands upon entering the unit.

A session includes;

  • intake form & waiver
  • lavender oil diffuser if desired
  • zero gravity chair holds < 250 Lb
  • sky & hummingbird views
  • warmed foot clean & inspection
  • meditation image & sound
  • relaxation & deep breathing
  • reflexology routine
  • mindful resting
  • charting of findings
  • water crystal card reading
  • wrap up

The #view from inside the studio, laying back in the Lafuma chair, receiving #reflexology #clouds #sky #window #relaxing #zen #stressrelief #vanisle

♬ Tibetan Bowls – Spiritual Moment