Can anyone receive reflexology? Yes

People of all ages can safely receive reflexology; from babies to elderly people.

Precautions are taken for those with heart conditions, diabetes, and foot issues such as gout, fractures, blisters and foot fungus.

How long are reflexology sessions? 30 mins to 1.5 hours

Are there any feet I won’t work on? Yes

  • Those with cold / flu / virus
  • Recent foot injury
  • Recent surgery
  • Foot fungus
  • Women within the first 3 months of pregnancy

Does reflexology hurt? No but sometimes yes

Reflexology feels amazing however sometimes there are tender areas on the foot that may feel sore. We work as best we can to dampen any pain.

What can I experience after a reflexology session?

Right after a session you may feel relaxed, tired, light on your feet. Most people report having a great sleep the night of the treatment.

The following day you may experience a ‘healing cleanse’ which can involve a variety of symptoms from fatigue to digestive changes. These are short lived. Take this time to rest, take a salts bath and drink plenty of water for elimination. Most people report feeling amazing later the following day. Not everyone experiences a ‘healing cleanse’. You may feel a burst of energy to your body the following day or you may experience no change. There is no good or bad response, no one size fits all experience and outcome.

How often should I receive reflexology?

Generally once a week for six weeks is recommended. Or as you prefer. Preferably 48 hours apart at the minimum.

Forms of payment method?

Through Square on Setmore Booking, Cash or eTransfer at this time.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

No refunds on past sessions and 24 hours is preferred for cancellation unless there is an emergency.