Applied Facial Diagnosis

I just completed a short course in Applied Facial Diagnosis According to Chinese Medicine through Pacific Rim College. I decided to do this, to take an alternative approach to discovering possible imbalances in the body by looking for clues on the face. I am also challenged with some issues on my own face and wanted to see what this approach might have to say about that, and if attention to those areas might have any positive affects on my health. This is really an experiment for me, a low risk one at that, since there isn’t anything to loose in trying. I will pair this with my reflexology skills. With using this approach, I can help guide someone with reflexology methods and points on the feet, hand, ear and face. This session can be done online through Zoom and can include a variety of other healing modalities as well such as drumming, meditation, reiki, and nutritional approaches. Having also completed the course on Autoimmunity and Food Intolerance, I can make some recommendations as well on food elimination for addressing issues of inflammation. I am not a nutritionist mind you, so if you are struggling with health issues, it’s important to seek a professional first. My approach is meant to compliment other health avenues you area taking. For me, the key is to calm the body of stress and reduce inflammation and that is something we can guide with natural methods.


Ear Reflexology Certificate

I received my ear reflexology certificate from the course I did, yay! This took me about 5 weeks to complete as the main task of the course was to complete a case study. I chose this course for several reasons; it was freestyle in learning, was affordable and included an ear case study. I learn better from doing and the case study gave me the opportunity to build confidence and make sense of the process. My case study included my husband and I documented him for a months time. You can read that case study here.

Facial Reflexology Therapy Certificate

Today I received my Introductory Facial Reflexology Therapy certificate from Danish reflexology expert Lone Sorensen. Although I had completed the course back in the summer, I only submitted my test a week ago haha. The certificate is so cool looking that I had to share. I took this to help with my husbands face and scar rehabilitation. I will start to implement some of this a little later on in his healing.